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  • Save the form locally

    I have been trying to work on the save feature of InfoPath forms and i am new to this environment. I have an Infopath form hosted on the Sharepoint site. The form needs to be saved after getting filled and then further distribute it so that other people can edit and save their copy. I want to have a...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Gurpreet on 09-28-2016
  • Shared network, managed code error

    Hi !! As I always say, I'm a newbie with InfoPath but I managed to learn a lot! I made a form that has a managed code where are these two very important codes: SetSaveAsDialogLocation and SetSaveAsDialogFilename. They work, wouhou! They work on my computer, a Windows 8 and they work on my collegue's...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by AndreaP on 09-12-2016
  • Saving as and location predetermined without using sharepoint

    Hi all! I'm new with InfoPath and I'm not a programmer or anything so I basically spend hours on forums while doing my InfoPath file... I'm also French, all that means that, I need easy English answers and step-by-step instructions with coding because I'm learning. I'm using InfoPath...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by AndreaP on 08-26-2016
  • Save Event - Determine If Validation Errors Exist

    Hi InfoPathers, I am attempting to prevent users from saving a form if there are validation errors. Note: I cannot eliminate the ability to save, as I offer the ability to save forms locally for offline use. Users are abusing the save functionality to override field validation. Is there a way in the...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by kcorbet on 11-16-2012
  • Programmatically saving form under multiple templates by changing processing instructions

    Hello, I am a c# novice and I am trying to build a template that can save forms under multiple templates. I want to accomplish this by accessing the processing instructions and modifying them to point to the other templates. Can this be done, and if so any help on how to accomplish this would be greatly...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by swiftest1 on 12-22-2009
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