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  • Function and Code Help?

    I read on a forum how to make a phone number come back in a particular format using the following: concat("(", substring(translate(., "()-. ", ""), 1, 3), ") ", substring(translate(., "()-. ", ""), 4, 3), "-", substring(translate(...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by momk15 on 11-26-2010
  • Printing an PDF ActiveX Control...

    Hello everyone, What i use: InfoPath 2007 MO pdf & xps writer VB What i did: created an InfoPath form and added a custom ActiveX control (Adobe Pdf Reader). So far so good. What works: I can specify the document which is viewed by using a text field and a button. That works, the pdf dokument is shown...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Folke on 12-08-2009
  • Stop the Submit if the form is open as read only

    Hi friends, I have the below code that runs for my submit that is running off of a button. Does anyone know how to (what to) put to stop this from running and give an error message if the form is open as read only? I am getting row update errors if someone trys to submit it as read only, there ends up...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Danielle on 08-20-2009
  • Form Library Location for Forms published as a content type

    When publishing a form that will be used in multiple sites, I have been able to create custom code for the Submit option which extracts the Uri location from the Me.Template.Uri. I have now created a set of forms which have been published as content types to a root site location. The form library created...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by PhDUltra on 07-02-2009
  • Set textbox or dropdownlist to a value when form is "new" from SP Library

    I would like to set a Status field that I have in a dropdownlist to a certain value as well as have it Read-Only when the New Form is clicked in the form library in SP. When editing the form, I want the users to be able to change that status field and have that ddl enabled. I have a form that I created...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by cmccollum5 on 05-27-2009
  • need custom submit code sample/example

    I'm new to InfoPath. Can someone post some sample code for submit. My immediate interest is in code to handle email submission. Or is there a way to view the code associated with a normal submit button? A normal submit button to an email address doesn't seem to generate any script code, or at...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by christian_bahnsen on 04-05-2009
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