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  • Question regarding XDocument.SaveAs process.

    I'm currently running IP 2003 and using VBS Script. I have the following VBS code in my form activated OnClick. It works well, but if the end-user selects "Yes" (as shown in code below - which is necessary) my server won't process the xml file until the current user closes the form...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by zacharybrown on 10-26-2010
  • Another post about closing a form via code

    I have two forms. Form A has a link that opens Form B. When B is opened it verifies some various user input, which is done in Form B's OnAfterChange() event code. If the verification fails I want to close Form B. I have tried all of the following: thisApplication.XDocuments.Close(1); thisApplication...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by b.harrison on 04-03-2009
  • coding forming to close infopath on submit

    In InfoPath 2007, I have a form that has a submit button and I want to close the instance of infopath after it has been submitted. I have read the following two forums but they are not very clear on how to exactly make this happen, just detailing the code and not all the steps re where to put the code...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by aredubbya on 02-05-2009
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