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  • Programmatically changing the default view of an InfoPath form (on Load) via VB

    Guys, How would I programmatically change the default view of an InfoPath form (on Load) via VB? I've found the following code snippets: BLOCKED SCRIPT XDocument.ViewInfos("My View Name").IsDefault = true; C#: thisXDocument.ViewInfos["My View Name"].IsDefault = true; ...but none...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by tavalanche on 04-08-2009
  • Switch Views During the OnLoad Event

    InfoPath provides the SwitchView method to allow you to programmatically switch views from within your code. But SwitchView is a method of the View object, which does not exist until after the OnLoad event has completed. Any attempt, therefore, to use the SwitchView method in the OnLoad event handler...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 06-27-2005
  • The Case of the Missing PI

    DAY 1 (2004-06-24) I was just working with a set of forms where a non-managed code (i.e. JScript)—hereafter referred to as NMC—form launches a managed code (i.e. C#)—hereafter referred to as MC—form and passes in its data using the new InfoPath 2003 SP1 method NewFromSolutionWithData...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 06-24-2004
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