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  • Custom code in a web enabled form

    I am having trouble opening a web enabled form after adding some custom code to it. The code works fine when I preview the form in design mode but once I try and open the form on SharePoint I am prompted with an error. I am uploading this form as a Site Content Type in the Publishing Wizard. The fields...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by alexadam on 04-25-2013
  • Maximum size of user session data

    I understand that the size of file attachments on an InfoPath form hosted by InfoPath Forms Services with SharePoint 2010 is limited by the Maximum size of user session data. When configuring InfoPath Forms Services in the User Sessions section, the default value for Maximum size of user session data...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by redhaarstad on 02-12-2013
  • Preview vs Browser discrepancies

    I have an Administrator (full-trust) IP2010 web form. I wrote some code that runs in OnLoad event. The code basically applies a filter to a Secondary Datasource, which is a SharePoint list. The filter basically trims down the list to only items where a specific column contains the current user's...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by stukkend on 02-04-2013
  • Re: SubmitToSharePointList is not working with QRules v4.3

    Hi Hilary. Setting the QRules to use the web services did the trick. It is now back to working again.!!! Thanks for your time.
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by ArnulfoWing on 01-23-2013
  • how to open existing IP from an ASP page using query parameters?

    I am using multiple ASP pages with the IP web part. Each ASP will display a specific IP view dashSupervisor.aspx --> the IP web part is pointing to the vwSupervisor dashManager.aspx --> the IP web part is pointing to the vwManager Question . I have several IP records, and would like to open the...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by ArnulfoWing on 01-15-2013
  • Change Style People Picker Control

    Hi all, i have problems styling my people picker controls. if i change the shading of my control all looks fine in preview. but after uploading to the list (it's a list form) the style is not applied.... why? i also tried to change the background colors in the view.xsl stylesheet but nothing happens...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by nibblas86 on 12-17-2012
  • Counting List Items In a Specific View

    Hi Guys I am using data connections (XML) that target specific views in a list, NOT the default view. How do I count the number of items in a particular view. Note: My form is being used via browser NOT client on MOSS 2007. Also this is NOT a data connection to a SharePoint list where I would just count...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Alphamax on 09-27-2012
  • Re: Infopath controls get cleared out

    Thanks Patrick, I do have a lot of formatting rules though. The problem is because the nature of the job I cannot share the form. Could you please be specific in terms of XSL parsing ? But it is really strange that this problem only started some days ago. Basanta
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Basanta on 09-20-2012
  • Infopath controls get cleared out

    I have deployed a infopath 2010 form as an administrative template and attached it in the infopath webpart. It was working fine , until now all of a sudden the form fields get cleared out. I cannot write anything on the text box, comboboxes all are behaving weird, radio buttons get cleared out automatically...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Basanta on 09-19-2012
  • Cannot Open Submitted Form

    I have a form library in sharepoint 2010 named Reviews, to which I have published a form template. If I go to the Reviews library and click "new document", it opens a blank form, and I can fill it out and submit it. It submits back to the same library. When I click on the item in the library...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Pallynall on 08-17-2012
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