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  • Excel to InfoPath tool

    The target Infopath form on Sharepoint is comprised of 6 text boxes for data entry, 2 text boxes with person picker control, 1 repeating table with 2 columns, and 3 repeating tables each with 3 columns. Is this a combination that the tool is built to handle? What would the xls need to look like? I'm...
    Posted to Qdabra Tools (Forum) by FredC on 04-01-2014
  • InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Problem!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I have an InfoPath SharePoint Form Library which consists of ample of views that each form uses repeating table as well as SharePoint 2010. In InfoPath form, I created a Report view which retrieves data from other views. Furthermore, in report view I use repeating table items; it means I drag &...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Hossein on 01-28-2014
  • Infopath toggle readonly after checkout

    Hi, I've created a infopath form and hosted it on a SP form library. once a form is created and saved in SP, i require a selection of users to access the form to review and approve it by using check boxes in the form. I have created a button that will checkout the form for the user. The form opens...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by srikrish79 on 01-08-2014

    hello, I'm trying to connect a sharepoint list to a dropdown list in infopath 2007 , this listing has 71 records but I can only see the first 30 , when I deploy the dropdown box. I need help and I require that all 71 items are displayed.
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by 4rc4n0 on 12-06-2013
  • REST query works in IE, but fails in Infopath

    Looking around the web I stumbled on this forum and you guys seem to know your stuff as well as being active in your forums, so I thought I'd join and ask this probably simple question, so first of all Hi! I'm very new to Infopath and Sharepoint and I've been tasked with creating a form for...
    Posted to Web Services (Forum) by Unatco99 on 11-14-2013
  • Google Maps in InfoPath 2010/Sharepoint 2010 web form

    Hello all, I am trying to track down a method for incorporating Google Maps into an InfoPath web form that will be hosted on a SharePoint 2010 website. What I am looking at doing is having a google map embedded in the form that the user can use to populate the latitude and longitude fields in the form...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by ghbrewer on 10-22-2013
  • Workflow approval based on user select sharepoint user

    Hello Everybody, I am trying to create a custom approval workflow in SharePoint 2010 Designer. My issue that I am having a hard time trying to find an answer for is how to set the first person in the approval process based of a SharePoint user that the person filling the form out designates. I hope this...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by brunettej on 09-06-2013
  • How Do I Map InfoPath Form Data to a SharePoint List?

    Have SharePoint Tickets, but Can’t Get on the Train? InfoPath makes data collection easy – build a form, publish to SharePoint, and BINGO – your users fill them out. When users save or submit, the form promotes values to SharePoint and it’s easy to create custom views on that data or export it to Excel...
    Posted to Alyssa (Weblog) by alyssastgermain on 07-23-2013
  • Re: dynamically change the udcx source url property at run time in infopath form services

    Unfortunately I don't write the code for InfoPath so I don't know the exact solution. The major part of the solution is creating our own data connection file. At run time, after InfoPath fetches the data connection details (site name and GUID) from the "normal" data connection file...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by dbfuller on 07-08-2013
  • InfoPath with C# code, it just doesn't work.

    Good day, I've got a quite simple Document Information Panel view, created in InfoPath 2013, to be used in Word. I need to perform a calculation on one of the fields. It's too complicated to perform this calculation within InfoPath, I need to write some code in C# of VB (using Visual Studio)...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by meneeraart2 on 07-03-2013
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