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  • Re: dynamically change the udcx source url property at run time in infopath form services

    Unfortunately I don't write the code for InfoPath so I don't know the exact solution. The major part of the solution is creating our own data connection file. At run time, after InfoPath fetches the data connection details (site name and GUID) from the "normal" data connection file...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by dbfuller on 07-08-2013
  • InfoPath with C# code, it just doesn't work.

    Good day, I've got a quite simple Document Information Panel view, created in InfoPath 2013, to be used in Word. I need to perform a calculation on one of the fields. It's too complicated to perform this calculation within InfoPath, I need to write some code in C# of VB (using Visual Studio)...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by meneeraart2 on 07-03-2013
  • Copy SP User Data info IP Form

    I am fairly new to IP but just had a friend show me how I can create an IP form so that I can have my users to go a SP site, complete the form. I'm hoping I can explain clear enough on how I wish to build upon that. I wanted to build upon this structure and pull some additional information. We have...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by rhaulet on 07-02-2013
  • Attachment Field on a List form

    Hi, I am having a strange problem with attachments field on a list InfoPath form. The attachments get uploaded successfully but not able to access/open any attachment uploaded by someone else, on the form. The error says "The file is corrupt or invalid". It is happening for all the file formats...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Monika on 06-25-2013
  • How to query available choices from a sharepoint column to use in a field?

    2 Part question, 1st is how do I query just the possible choice values in a sharepoint choice column? I have a connection that queries the list for that value, but it returns all EXISTING choice values in the list, as opposed to the possible choices I have set in the column. Example: In the SharePoint...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Brogrammer on 06-20-2013
  • Drop-down options in List customized in InfoPath pulls ID instead of Text

    Hoping Hilary can help: I have a SP 2010 list I'm customizing in InfoPath. I have a drop-down field with a data connection to another SP List (the field name I'd like is a lookup column to yet another SP list). The drop-down is giving me the ID instead of name I've chosen. I've reviewed...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by blue8rose on 06-18-2013
  • Updating Data Connection Targets

    Is there a technique to bulk edit data connection targets? I often create forms that target SharePoint lists on a dev/test environment and then need to repoint them when moving to production. Not only is this cumbersome, but it looks like the data connections don't retain knowledge of the fields...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by davidski on 06-17-2013
  • Infopath form opening blank IE page in Sharepoint.

    This is probably an Sharepoint issue but maybe someone has heard of this issue. I have an infopath form that is in a sharepoint library. Every time I open a new form, it will open a blank IE page and will prompt me if I want to Open or Save. When I open the form, the extra blank page is still there in...
    Posted to General (Forum) by TimMcCord on 06-10-2013
  • Infopath 2007 not displaying default view to some users

    Hi all, Im new to infopath. Currently using infopath 2007. Im facing the following issue: I have a sharepoint application which follows a hierarchy of user,reviewer n approver. Respective views are created for each , with user as the default view. The user view allows us to select the reviewer n approver...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by Vishy on 05-30-2013
  • InfoPath Code Signing Certificate expired

    Hello! I recently took over a project consisting in maintaining InfoPath forms in a SharePoint 2007 environment. Forms open with client application, thus not browser-enabled. It turns out that most form templates are set on full-trust and the code signing certificate, issued by the company's CA,...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Aldo76 on 05-28-2013
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