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  • Amending value depending on value selected in dropdown box

    Hi Having returned to InfoPath after a long break, I was wondering if what I want to do is possible. I have a dropdown box of products which is feed from an .xml file, what I would like to happen is once the user has selected the product the correct price appears in a separate box. (Price is also included...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Mark B on 06-14-2015
  • IP Form, Repeating Table populated with External Data - Trying to add sort /filter capabilities

    Hi. I have created an InfoPath form that has a repeating table inside of a section. The data is pulled from an ETC. I inserted the form into a page and linked the page to an option in my left navigation. I added a button control to the rows of the repeating table so if a user wants to request a change...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by csigler on 04-01-2014
  • Rules on a field in a repeating section

    Consider this scenario: You have a repeating section with a dropdown field "Field A". Another separate non-repeating section has a field "Field B" that only shows when "Field A"'s dropdown is set to "A". Now the problem: when adding multiple repeating items...
    Posted to General (Forum) by AlexK on 02-20-2013
  • How do I compare 2 fields (gretaer then) as numbers

    Hi All, I have 2 text-boxes(actually they are 2 drop-downs from that are being filled from lists, but it doesn't matter). After I click a button, I want to compare these 2 text-boxes but a number comparison not a string-compare. when I click the button, add a rule I can compare these text-boxes but...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by daniweb on 12-02-2012
  • Set a textbox value with a dusaplyname of a dropdown

    Hi, I have a drop-down, button and text-box. The Data of the drop-down is filled from a Share-Point list(but I don't think this matters). When I click the button, I want to fill the text-box with the display name of the selected value of the drop-down, I was able to fill only the value but not the...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by daniweb on 12-02-2012
  • Cascading dropdowns in a repeating section (browser enabled)

    So I successfully created some cascading dropdowns in my browser-enabled form using a web service and a database to store the dropdown info and relationships, then using a rule to populate the 2nd dropdown based upon what is selected in the 1st dropdown. This all works well. -- Unfortunately,...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Kolten on 11-17-2009
  • Can I have a Rule operate on the selected node only?

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew if there is a way to have a rule operate on the selected node in a repeating table without performing the rule on the rest of the nodes. I realized that this is a major drag on the performance of my form, considering the multiple views with multiple repeating tables...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Patrick on 09-02-2008
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