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  • Slow Loadtimes

    Hi Everyone, I'm running into an issue with one of my forms. It has 4 optional repeating sections that I need to use and it uses the getuserbyname web service. Is this my main issue for it, taking 8 to 10 secs to load?
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by PaulPHS on 10-10-2011
  • Unsupported Expression stops publishing of form

    Hello I have an InfoPath form, that I have designed to be browser compatible, and therefore must contain no code. However, I now have an expression that InfoPath claims is "unsupported", yet works perfectly well in the preview mode. Some background: Section 10 RevisionHistory (repeating table...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Robert Baker on 07-20-2010
  • AD lookup from an alias or badge field to retrieve email, etc

    Hello, I have an InfoPath browser form that I publish to a SharePoint MOSS enterprise form services form library. This form needs (IF POSSIBLE) a no-code solution. I have a text field called Alias/Badge # where a manager types in an employees AD account alias or badge field. After a button is pressed...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Eric Schrader on 06-24-2010
  • Restricting user form deleting node in repeating section but not adding

    Hi, I am using a browser enabled form in Infopath 2007. I want to restrict some users depending upon the role. The restriction is, I do not want to delete node from repeating section but they can add more. In Infopath there is option to restrict both adding and deleting simultaneously. Is there a way...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by guptasourav on 01-16-2009
  • Dropdown shows just last 23 records

    Hi, I have a wierd problem. I am calling a web service to fill my dropdown. Every thing works fine but the values in my dropdown are last 23 rows from my dataset. I checked the web service it returns around 70 rows but I can see only last 23 nodes from it. I created a new data secondary connection, gone...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by guptasourav on 11-07-2008
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