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  • Display a Save As Dialog Box

    If your form template is set to full trust security, InfoPath provides the Save() and SaveAs() methods for you to save your form via code. Although InfoPath does not provide a method for you to display the Save As dialog box to the user, it is possible to do this using managed code and the .NET Framework...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 03-08-2006
  • Visual Studio Debugging: "Unable to Attach to Application" Error

    If you have installed an application that uses .NET Framework 2.0, you might suddenly find that you can no longer debug your managed code InfoPath forms. This can be very frustrating, but is easily fixed with the following steps: Shut down Visual Studio. Open Notepad and copy the following XML into it...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 03-29-2005
  • Task Panes that Access Managed Code Require Full Trust Security

    Managed code forms that have a custom task pane require full trust security. Unfortunately, you won't be able to make it domain trust since there are security restrictions. InfoPath will let some JScript forms run with a task pane in Domain trust, but for managed code I believe you have to be full...
    Posted to Patrick Halstead (Weblog) by Patrick Halstead on 10-21-2004
  • Deploying Managed Code Solutions: Two Methods

    You can't use restricted mode to deploy a managed code (C# or VB.NET) solution in email because InfoPath doesn't allow managed code to run in restricted mode (for good reasons). You have 2 options: Sign the xsn using a digital certificate Pros: the future is digital certificates Pros: publishURL...
    Posted to Patrick Halstead (Weblog) by Patrick Halstead on 07-03-2004
  • I Just Can't Keep the Rules!

    STATUS: Potentially fixed in InfoPath 2003 SP2. DESCRIPTION: I uncovered this bug on 2004-02-17 and reported it to my Microsoft contacts. It was at that point unknown to Microsoft. The rules that you defined actually remain in the manifest. The bug is that the xsf:domEventHandlers block goes *POOF*!...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 06-29-2004
  • The Case of the Missing PI

    DAY 1 (2004-06-24) I was just working with a set of forms where a non-managed code (i.e. JScript)—hereafter referred to as NMC—form launches a managed code (i.e. C#)—hereafter referred to as MC—form and passes in its data using the new InfoPath 2003 SP1 method NewFromSolutionWithData...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 06-24-2004
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