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  • How Do I Map InfoPath Form Data to a SharePoint List?

    Have SharePoint Tickets, but Can’t Get on the Train? InfoPath makes data collection easy – build a form, publish to SharePoint, and BINGO – your users fill them out. When users save or submit, the form promotes values to SharePoint and it’s easy to create custom views on that data or export it to Excel...
    Posted to Alyssa (Weblog) by alyssastgermain on 07-23-2013
  • Qdabra Zero-ActiveX Contact Selector XTP

    Problem You want to use the InfoPath Contact Selector to add multiple contacts to your form, but: Selecting multiple users with Contact Selector requires code Contact Selector is an ActiveX control and requires installation on client machines Contact Selector doesn’t work for browser-based forms when...
    Posted to Video Demos (FileGallery) by ErnestoM on 01-17-2012
  • filter, sort, retrieve, adapt and submit the changes to sharepoint list again

    Hello, I've downloaded a trial version of Qrules 3.3 and want to use it to retrieve, adapt and submit the changes to sharepoint list again. Our company uses SP 2010 enterprise and IP 2010, some people use office 2007 so my forms are IP 2007 based. I have a SP list with several colums. I name a few...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by djasp on 10-01-2011
  • Re: SubmitToSharePointList - Repeating Table and Additional Fields

    Hilary, thanks so much for responding so quickly! I've modified the mapping...see below. Please confirm that it looks correct. Yes, I did drag the Error node onto my form and the GenerateGuid command worked. With the modified mapping, I am now no longer even getting prompted to login to the SharePoint...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by Keeferk on 07-05-2011
  • SubmitToSharePointList - Repeating Table and Additional Fields

    I have a form with 11 fields in a repeating table. There are also 6 "header" fields that apply to each of the rows in the repeating table. This form is client based, created in InfoPath 2010, but saved to work with InfoPath 2007. The intention is that field personnel use it to do inventory...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by Keeferk on 07-03-2011
  • Submit not working for certain sharepoint users

    I have built an Infopath form for use on SharePoint using the qDabra qRules to add an attachment. The form works fine for me, as I am a Team Site Owner. However I can not get the SaveToSharePoint command to take the attachment from the form and submit it. It returns this general error: An error has occurred...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by Fierhauk on 10-20-2010
  • Change SQL Query dynamically

    As you know, when I create a SQL Query Data Connection in InfoPath, I can put ONE fixed Query, that I can sort and filter and so on. At runtime I usually need to query information for lets say a certain product. The data connection returns ALL entries that I defined in the query before and then I can...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by joanfuture on 10-15-2010
  • dynamically change the filelocation for a xml file secondary data connection

    I would like to change the URL for a secondary Datasource that connects a xml-file (infopath-file). I would think it would be very easy for Qdabra to bring this feature. I need it, so I can open a form and load another form into cache and then copy certain nodes from that old form. The user expects to...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by joanfuture on 10-15-2010
  • (how) can qrules and Custom Code coexist at the same time

    I use qrules. Now I have something, that I probably need to code. In qrules Version 2.2 you write, that it can coexist with customcode (I use c#). However I don't bring qrules to work once I have created the custom code project.I tried reinjecting it, but it won't work until I remove the customcode...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by joanfuture on 10-15-2010
  • Input Parameters View Switching

    For new features in qRules 2.1 it says: Input Parameters View Switching - copy Input Parameters to your main data source on load and use to switch views (codeless!). Is there an example somewhere on how to do this? My steps aren't working as follows: 1) Have a url to open the form with a parameter...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by gilstamaria on 06-27-2010
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