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  • New born to Infopath

    Dear All, I am a blank book to infopath with 0 knowledge on it. That does not mean i would give up trying to achieve something. I need help in creating a simple infopath form to test the xml and its data I have 100 xmls. I needed to check each xml if it contains the particular tag and respective values...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by GravityINC on 11-26-2012
  • How can I get the Word Document Objects in InfoPath addin?

    i have created an InfoPath document information panel and this information panel shows the fields of the document associated in the SharePoint Document Library. As shown below as i change in the value of "Doc_ExpiryDate" from Document Information Panel it automatically changes the value of...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by luqmansky on 11-22-2011
  • Edit SQL in InfoPath Data Connection wizard.

    While using Edit SQL in InfoPath Data Connection wizard. Can a where clause in the Edit SQL in the data connection wizard in InfoPath takes a value from myFields/my:OfficeTitle? For example: select "Title","Office" from "dbo"."Title" as "Title" where...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by In2Moss on 03-20-2009
  • Error while opening Infopath from in browser

    Hi, I have created an Infopath form and I published it into sharepoint.When i tried to open the form ,it is showing " form closed" and i tried to find the error by using design checker.It is showing an error, "The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server: Server was...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Raajkumar on 01-12-2009
  • Re: Validating StartDate and EndDate

    Hi all, There is problem when I activated this to a Sharepoint. I have made this form to be browser enabled The validation not working in sharepoint Please Help Me!!
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Raajkumar on 12-02-2008
  • Digitally Sign a form template by code

    Please see attachment, who knows how? Thanks in advance!
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by dreamingcat on 04-28-2008
  • InfoPath Updating Sharepoint fields

    I've two very similar questions related to a sharepoint library of infopath forms. 1. How do I set, from within Infopath (eg a button), the Approval Status field in Sharepoint that appears in the view when I create a workflow in sharepoint. I presume Approval Status column is an internal field. 2...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by martin600 on 04-21-2008
  • Re: Saving Secondary Data

    I'm trying to copy data from a sharepoint list to a repeating table in an infopath form so that it can be viewed when not connected to the sharepoint list at the click of a button. I've never really done much with infopath before (none with 2007) so any pointers would be appreciated. The following...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Brad87 on 04-21-2008
  • Infopath and Sharepoint

    Hi Infopath friends, I'm an 21 year old german student working on an Infopath - SharePoint Project (I'm still at the beginning). My last time I spent with reading blogs and searching for information about Infopath itself and about the connection from Infopath to Sharepoint. I'm not sure wheter...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Matzman on 04-15-2008
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