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  • Change in Form Template SharePoint location causing linking Issue

    Hi, My Infopath forms(originally developed in IP 2003 and later enhancements using IP 2007 [backward compatibility]) were published to SP 2007 site. Now we are moving to SP 2010 site and am successfull in publishing all my forms to SP 2010 site. Also am able to fill and submit forms after publishing...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Daisy510 on 09-26-2014
  • Passing Values Form One InfoPath Form To a New Infopath Form

    Hello i need Help with this, its Drivinme crazy im using Infopath 2007, SharePoint Library The Problem i have one "main" Form for log in projects information, from that "main" form i need to create a Sub Form witch needs to be related to the main form so i decided to have a link in...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by EnriqueC on 08-02-2012
  • Re: Formula for Separator in Text Box with Concatenated Fields

    You are correct that Rules can handle this and I have done that in some of the sections. However, this has grown enormously and now there are other sections that require this same control setup but the conditions possibilities would probably hit 1,000 or more and so this work-around I've been doing...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ncarson on 10-01-2010
  • Formula for Separator in Text Box with Concatenated Fields

    I have a form with many sections that have this type of scenario using multiple checkboxes whose values are concatenated in a text box for promotion to a SharePoint Library: Field1 (checkbox with Value when cleared=blank; Value when checked=Apple) Field2 (checkbox with Value when cleared=blank; Value...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ncarson on 09-30-2010
  • How to set default value in dropdown box by code.

    I'm getting error/exception from setting default value for dropdown list. Here is what I'm doing....... I have a dropdown box that is populated from repeating node values in the form. //***This is to create values for the repeating node. string myNameSpace = NamespaceManager.LookupNamespace(...
    Posted to General (Forum) by gombear on 02-05-2010
  • Form Read Only: On Open

    Hello, any insight on the following is greatly appreciated... Situation : If "User A" accesses a previously submitted Form and "User B" tries to access the same Form, "User B" will recieve the following message: "The form cannot be filled out because you do not have...
    Posted to General (Forum) by zxkuqyb on 02-04-2010
  • Splitting up emails in a web form in a repeating table

    I have a repeating table in a Minutes of Meeting Form. currently i have the form that it allows you to enter exactly who the attendees are in at the meeting. and this is filled into a repeating table. one of the columns is EMAIL and this allows that when the form is submitted it sends an email to all...
    Posted to General (Forum) by randellg on 09-25-2009
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