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  • Retrieving URL from different Sharepoint

    Hi all, I currently have an InfoPath for on SharePoint A, which pulls information using a data connection from SharePoint B. All data fields work fine, but I would like to be able to retrieve the URL of the specific form, in SharePoint B, to include in the form for colleagues to be able to view the additional...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by Fitchet86 on 10-25-2017
  • Drop down not working in additional rows of repeating table

    Hi, Is this normal or am I doing something wrong. InfoPath 2010, SharePoint 2013, browser enabled form. I have a secondary data connection that I am using as the source of values in a drop down list in one column of a repeating table. In the default row that all works fine. I can add multiple default...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by GuyBoswell on 04-23-2015
  • Question about filtering SQL data

    Hi there After spending a whole day with trying to make a SQL connection to work, I'm almost giving up. I'm using InfoPath 2010, Browser-enabled Form (deployed to Sharepoin 2010) I previously created a SQL receive data connection to a table, lets call it PhoneNumbers. The table has the following...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by kenger on 10-08-2014
  • Date format in subject field of email

    Hello, I have found this site very useful. This is my first time using Microsoft InfoPath 2010. I created a form, and I'm using three fields in the subject line of the email it creates. CITY1 and CASE2 are text fields. DATE3 is created with date picker properties, data type is Date (date). Here is...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by erichardson on 05-09-2012
  • Sharepoint 2010 Infopath An error occurred querying a data source. The database returns an error.

    Hello, I have a infopath form that connects to a SQL database to pull data. I have a UDCX file on the sharepoint server and have gone as far as giving the form full Trust etc. The form works both locally and on the infopath client. Once published it only works on the client and not on the browser...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by BrunoAdv on 09-08-2011
  • Infopath and Postgres

    Hi all, We have recently installed SharePoint 2011, using Infopath to do a lot of form development, will be doing all our reporting from SharePoint using our current database Postgres. Our problem at the moment is we cannot get InfoPath to connect to Postgres?. If anyone has ever been able to connect...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by Jorg Both on 07-10-2011
  • Solution: Button Lookup to a customized SQL Server query to return a block of data

    I inherited support for an application when the previous develper left the company. I needed to restore the infopath project, because it is stored separately from the .xsn form. Based on a lot of feedback from this forum, I was able to put together the solution that works for what our button click event...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by rlstrommen on 06-16-2011
  • automatic user data retrieval

    Hi, i created a form in Infopath 2003 wich automaticly retrieves the data from a sharepointsite( name, phonenumber, locaton etc) when opening the form, i also added a read only view when the form is submitted so than no data can be changed. When the form is submitted and someone else opens the form than...
    Posted to General (Forum) by reboundz on 06-07-2011
  • Data don't store in Sql using infopath form

    Dear sirs; I have a problem in storing data via an infopath form; I create a connection to a Sql Data base successfully and Data storing was enabled. everything seemed good; I want to to store data from the infopath form to Sql data base; So after creating the form and storing data, It seems data don't...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by ali_777 on 04-24-2011
  • Store Values from a SQL Server Query

    Hi, I currently have an InfoPath 2007 form that is being used to retrieve and update records from a MS SQL Server 2003 database. These records are then being filted based on the current user that is logged in. One table, referred to as CDR (Call Detail Records), has a line item for each call that the...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by JohnNeo on 04-05-2011
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