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  • Iterate through an InfoPath Multi-Selection box and write to SP List

    Hello, I'm relatively new to InfoPath development but at a reasonable level. What I have is an InfoPath form that allows users to submit up to 4 items from the same SP lookup list. The fields are name1, name2, name3 and name4. Each field also has a category which states what part of the business...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by paulct on 01-30-2013
  • user data input saved to template

    Not sure if this can be done but after you complete a form. Lets say you have a drop down list, and it has some values. Can we, overtime, have the data that users input be integrated in to that form so that lets say we are choosing from a field called Vendors which I currently placed only 2 options,...
    Posted to General (Forum) by momk15 on 11-29-2010
  • Re: Formula for Separator in Text Box with Concatenated Fields

    You are correct that Rules can handle this and I have done that in some of the sections. However, this has grown enormously and now there are other sections that require this same control setup but the conditions possibilities would probably hit 1,000 or more and so this work-around I've been doing...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ncarson on 10-01-2010
  • Formula for Separator in Text Box with Concatenated Fields

    I have a form with many sections that have this type of scenario using multiple checkboxes whose values are concatenated in a text box for promotion to a SharePoint Library: Field1 (checkbox with Value when cleared=blank; Value when checked=Apple) Field2 (checkbox with Value when cleared=blank; Value...
    Posted to General (Forum) by ncarson on 09-30-2010
  • Show Group 1 Bullet List from Repeating Section only

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure my title is a 100% accurate description of what I am trying to acheive but my explanation may make it clearer. I have created a form with a repeating section, this includes a Bullet List for "Planned next Period", the repeating section is used to allow staff to...
    Posted to General (Forum) by chrisbarbers on 02-12-2010
  • Why Are My Drop Down Menu Choices Underlined when in Print View or Printed?

    Why do my drop down menu choices show as being underlined when in print view and when printed? Is there anything I can do so they are not underlined when I print a form with items selected from a Drop down menu? I have tried checking Shading/Borders, but will not give me an option to undo the underline...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Trent on 10-29-2009
  • Splitting up emails in a web form in a repeating table

    I have a repeating table in a Minutes of Meeting Form. currently i have the form that it allows you to enter exactly who the attendees are in at the meeting. and this is filled into a repeating table. one of the columns is EMAIL and this allows that when the form is submitted it sends an email to all...
    Posted to General (Forum) by randellg on 09-25-2009
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