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  • InfoPath interview questions

    Hi, I'm trying to create a list of interview questions for an InfoPath/SharePoint 2007 developer but I'm struggling. The ones I could find online are a bit rubbish and are all the same. If anyone has any suggestions for questions, with associated answers, please let me know. Thanks.
    Posted to General (Forum) by dunc85 on 03-10-2015
  • Help with Multiple Department data connections:

    (Using Sharepoint infopath form services & infopath 2007) So I've created a Vacation Request form for my department, with many sub departments, each with their own supervisor who'd approve these forms. I've created a standard Submit button which sends the form to each departments Form...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by DLomba on 02-13-2015
  • Linking Infopath 2007 into SP2007

    Hi I have multiple infpath forms that fields populated by formuals, these fields are used as 'due dates' for tasks that are carried out with my area. I have other fields for recording whom and when it was completed, so only the due date is in the due date field. I want to know is it possible...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by mattsky on 01-29-2015
  • Archiving Infopath XML files

    Hello, We have an old Sharepoint 2007 environment where we have an old Infopath form. It's not in use anymore, but there are hundreds of XML files (form submits) that we would need save as an archive to our new Sharepoint 2013 environment. How should we do that? I can copy the XML files and upload...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Zeippu on 10-31-2014
  • Image Control in a Repeat Section and MS Access Table

    Hello All, I am a newbie with InfoPath forms and MS Access. I have a InfoPath form that is pulls data from a MS Access table and collect user response in the field. The data enters into a repeat section fine but I am having issues getting the images control in the repeat section to work properly. The...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by lace114 on 10-12-2014
  • Change in Form Template SharePoint location causing linking Issue

    Hi, My Infopath forms(originally developed in IP 2003 and later enhancements using IP 2007 [backward compatibility]) were published to SP 2007 site. Now we are moving to SP 2010 site and am successfull in publishing all my forms to SP 2010 site. Also am able to fill and submit forms after publishing...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Daisy510 on 09-26-2014
  • Difficulty with Infopath 2007 submitting and receiving data from SQL Database.

    Hello I was wondering if I could please ask for some help? I have an infopath form that I have connected to a SQL database (a test database for now). The database contains two tables, the first table has the employee details in (Employee ID [PKey], Fname, Sname, DOB, Job Role) and the second table has...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by AndreaARCH on 09-22-2014
  • Using InfoPath with Access DB

    Hello, I'm very new to Infopath but I've worked with VBA in Excel, Access and Outlook. I'm really struggling on this one and I know it has to be possible to make this happen. Hopefully I can explain what I'm trying to do. 1. I have an Access Database 2. I have a new info path template...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by csmithp on 09-15-2014
  • InfoPath Forms Stopped Printing

    My company provides IT support for a fairly large organization that utilizes a number of InfoPath forms integrated into their SharePoint portal. The majority of users at this organization access their portal and InfoPath through Citrix. Their SharePoint site is 2010, but their InfoPath was, until recently...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Lacello on 09-05-2014
  • Re: Copy information from table in runtime vew of Infopath Form

    Hi Martin, Once your data is in a SharePoint list, there's an option called Export To Excel on the List ribbon at the top. If there are columns that you don't want to export, just create a custom list view that doesn't contain those columns and make sure that view is selected when you export...
    Posted to General (Forum) by JenniferLindsay on 08-03-2014
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