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  • Indexing in DBXL v2.8

    There are various ways in which indexes can be added to speed up the performance of DBXL v2.8. This document explains various scenarios and which indexes are useful in each. Last updated 7/1/2014.
    Posted to Other Subjects (FileGallery) by ErnestoM on 07-01-2014
  • How to "wake up" DBXL

    You may have noticed that InfoPath browser forms are slow to load first thing in the morning. If you have a form that submits to DBXL, that first submit may take 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds and in some servers it may even time out! However, after that first submit, the issue disappears. To resolve...
    Posted to Installation and Setup (FileGallery) by ErnestoM on 05-22-2014
  • Updating the DBXL Administration Tool after installing Office 2013

    After updating your Microsoft Office to an MS Office 2013 version, the DBXL Administration Tool is left outdated and becomes unusable. To cut the explanation short, p revious versions of DAT are not compatible with Office 2013. And here is a quick guide on how to update the DAT Template: 1. Log-on to...
    Posted to Don Stephen Lambatin (Weblog) by donstephen on 04-23-2014
  • Installation of DBXL Trial version fails

    Hello all, I am trying to install DBXL 2.8 on a windows 8 machine. IIS 8 is installed and SQLEXPRESS as well. The installer exits promptly stating that DBXL Server edition could not be installed an I need to restart the installer. In the event log an Application Error code of 1603 can be found. ...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by schneipk on 02-12-2014
  • Do not stop the SharePoint Foundation Web Application service

    When troubleshooting issues on a server where DBXL is installed, DO NOT stop the SharePoint Foundation Web Application service. Stopping this service will remove the IIS sites from the server. Starting the service recreates the site, but the DBXL install will be lost. Here's a screenshot showing...
    Posted to Ernesto Machado (Weblog) by ErnestoM on 01-14-2014
  • Submitting to DBXL and detecting errors

    In many DBXL documents published by Qdabra Software, we add a data connection to the SubmitDocument method in the DBXLDocumentService. It should be noted that this web service will not return errors to the user. This means that if the submit should fail, users won't see an error message. And if the...
    Posted to Ernesto Machado (Weblog) by ErnestoM on 01-07-2014
  • Re: how to setup a car request form

    Hi ravichandra, We have tutorials for InfoPath forms using qRules and DBXL . Both guides, qRules Training and DBXL Training , have videos, modules, starting templates, and end result forms for your reference. It's a good guide for starters and should be able to help you out. Let us know if you need...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by donstephen on 07-30-2013
  • How to use identity key in DBXL mapping?

    I'm simplifying my original question: How do I map an identity column that is also a primary key in the DAT tool? I want to create the column on first insert, then retain the original value on subsequent resubmits or writes to database. still having trouble with this.
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by Doreen on 05-09-2013
  • update sql database using infopath

    Hi! I have the following business requirement: We have an InfoPath form published to a SharePoint library, and when this form is submitted to the library (after going through an approval workflow), it needs to create a new record in a table in a backend database. the table at the backdend database has...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by luiscarvalho on 03-23-2013
  • Create an InfoPath Dashboard form using QueryDocumentNodeSet

    In the past we have shown how to create a SharePoint data view to show the data stored in DBXL. Here are some references: Create a SharePoint 2010 Data View that uses GetListItems to access DBXL forms Create a SharePoint Data View that uses GetListItems to access DBXL forms These steps involve using...
    Posted to Other Subjects (FileGallery) by ErnestoM on 03-19-2013
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