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  • Do custom InfoPath User Controls absolutely have to be registered with the COM interop?

    Is it possible to design a custom User Control using C# in VSTA for InfoPath without registering it with the COM interop? It's not a control that I'm going to use on any other form, but I have a very specific functionality in mind. I'm still writing the user control to conform to all the...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by iAmMortos on 09-28-2015
  • How to create excel file from InfoPath xml

    Hi, Is there a way to create excel file from InfoPath xml data? When something like button clicked event happens, I want to write a c# code behind to convert InfoPath xml data to create excel file. Is there a way to do this? How do I code it? Thanks.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by gombear on 08-15-2011
  • Repeating Table Validation for duplicate records

    Hi, In repeating table, when user inserts new item, I want to check for duplicate record in repeating table. If user enters any existing record (e.g: "MaterialID") then display message box otherwise allow user to enter new Material ID. Any thoughts ? Thanks is advance.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by InfoPathNovice on 02-06-2009
  • PlaceHolder text not getting updated

    Hi, I have a textbox("/my:myFields/my:otherQualityReviewers") which has a placeholder text that reads like this " click and type". When i set the value of this textbox to null or string.empty through code. as below, the placeholder is lost. thisXDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode("...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by saikrishna171 on 01-16-2009
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hello there, I have 3 connected dropdown lists in my Infopath form. Selecting values from the first dropdown filters the entries in the second one and selecting a value in the second one will filter the entries of the third one. When selecting a value the second dropdown I get the "Object reference...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by tylkomat on 11-27-2008
  • Problem in web based form

    Hi, I was using "String.ToLower()" function in my web based form to change the value of a text box to lower case in the code behind but it is not working. But, this works fine in infopath client. I am writing code as follows: XPathNavigator lastNameNavigator = this .CreateNavigator().SelectSingleNode...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by akash_waits on 09-09-2008
  • Re: changing the attribute of control

    Hello, I appreciate for quick response for my inquiry. My concern is that if there's a repeat table as I attached the example file below, when form's opened DB automatically queries a data to display as a repeat table. And DB queries again to display data on a repeat table for certain words like...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by park eun sung on 06-11-2008
  • changing the attribute of control

    Hello, I got some questions regarding to using Infopath. It seems that the value of the control can be fixed using rule or code(xPathnavigator class) but I need to change the attribute such as visable or width but not the value of the control. For example, sometimes I'd like to display table in another...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by park eun sung on 06-10-2008
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