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  • Infopath form error on Sharepoint when too many words or characters are entered ????

    I created this InfoPath form that is linked to SharePoint. The form works great and is usually succesful but once in awhile, if there are too many characters/words on this one text box, It gives me an error message (with no details??). I can put as many words/characters in every other text box, its just...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jmsteinberg on 01-08-2013
  • Work Flow control

    Good morning all! I'm not exactly sure where to ask this question, I suspect under "Code"; however I didn't want to post in the wrong section. Our System Analyst left over the summer and I've been tasked with taking over his duties. Part of which include SharePoint and the forms...
    Posted to General (Forum) by kgallagher713 on 10-18-2012
  • Retrieve data from an Active Directory service / smart card

    I need to know how to retrieve data from an Active Directory service or smart card. All I know how to do is retrieve the username when the user opens the form. Then I store the username into a field and manipulate it. But I want to know how to retrieve their name, username, office, building, email, and...
    Posted to General (Forum) by daphnerby2012 on 05-15-2012
  • InfoPath rule not working/firing

    Hi, I've got a simple rule on (fieldb) that says when the value of /my:myfields/my:fielda = '123' set the value of fieldb= fielda Trouble is it never fires/executes. I've done all the obviuos things, checking the condition, putting in different actions, like display dialog box instead...
    Posted to General (Forum) by martin0 on 01-26-2012
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