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DBXL v2.3 and later allows you to migrate your documents from one Document Type to another. Using a new method called ChangeDocumentTypeOfDocument, you can migrate these documents to a Document Type that...
01-17-2012 462 Download
File Size 1.4MB
Imagine that your InfoPath form, which submits to DBXL, needs to make sure that there are no duplicate records. Using the web method QueryDocumentNodeSet, we can quickly check whether DBXL already contains...
03-06-2012 1,940 Download
File Size 953kB
Every document created in DBXL will be assigned two identifiers: the RefID and the DocID. This document explains the difference between the two.
01-17-2012 272 Download
File Size 237.3kB
If you encounter errors in the xref tables in DBXL, this document will explain how to identify and address these. Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain this document. To obtain a trial version of DBXL, please...
01-17-2012 349 Download
File Size 256.4kB
Sometimes we need to know the DocID for an xml documents that was just submitted to DBXL. For example, we might want to send an email with the link to the submitted document. This document will guide you...
08-16-2011 390 Download
File Size 610.4kB
In order to see previous versions of forms, you’ll first need to check the Enable History option in the Database tab in Qdabra’s DBXL Administration Tool. Click DOWNLOAD above to obtain a document with...
01-17-2012 212 Download
File Size 272kB
DBXL versioning is turned on by default, as it is necessary for certain scenarios. For safety purposes the checkbox in DAT is also disabled, so that it is not accidentally deactivated. However, should...
02-03-2012 488 Download
File Size 418.4kB
Deploying full trust templates in DBXL requires some additional steps, which are documented in this attachment. Click Download to obtain this.
01-17-2012 181 Download
File Size 324.3kB
Every document created in DBXL will have a unique DocID. Typically we refer to documents stored in DBXL by using their DocID. However, every document also has a RefID. In this tutorial we will discuss...
01-17-2012 356 Download
File Size 549.8kB
Product: DBXL v2.5 or higher. Note: screenshot corresponds to DBXL Admin Tool in v3.0 or before. v3.1 and above admin tool will appear differently
06-14-2016 92 Download
File Size 1.7MB
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