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Office365 Alert - Sandbox has been deprecated in SharePoint Online.
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DBXL Documentation

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Click download above to obtain the most recent Event Receiver app file. Target: SharePoint online (Office365). Please use Event Receiver WSP for SharePoint OnPrem (2007, 2010 and 2013) For information...
10-12-2016 43 Download
File Size 8.2kB
This documentation is for setting up or configuring the DBXL send error notification for the Qdabra event logs. The attached zip file contains documentation, as well as the Power Shell script and executable...
08-25-2016 67 Download
File Size 327.3kB
"SPApp and WebApp Instalation and Configuration" explains creating app package, web package from Visual Studio and all deployment steps. If you already have the app package, please follow "...
07-27-2016 70 Download
File Size 2.9MB
"SPApp Installation and configuration document" has the steps for installing/updating app on office 365 if user has the app package. If you need to create the app package, please follow "...
07-27-2016 99 Download
File Size 1.9MB
Product: DBXL v2.5 or higher. Note: screenshot corresponds to DBXL Admin Tool in v3.0 or before. v3.1 and above admin tool will appear differently
06-14-2016 53 Download
File Size 1.7MB
The goal of this document is to briefly explain the main scenarios achievable with DBXL v3.0. Please read this document before installing DBXL v3.0. If you would like to download a trial version of DBXL...
10-05-2015 90 Download
File Size 279.8kB
This document is an introductory tutorial that will illustrate the main features of DBXL v3.0. After completing this document you will be able to setup your own forms in DBXL and connect them to SQL and...
10-05-2015 190 Download
File Size 878.7kB
Office 365 (O365) browser forms don’t support forwarding authentication credentials to external Web sites. To use your O365 forms with Qdabra’s DBXL service installed on a separate site (e.g. Azure), QueryDBWithUserKey...
06-22-2015 194 Download
File Size 1.3MB
A small utility that can be used to remove an href from a template to make installing as full trust easier.
02-25-2015 73 Download
File Size 382.9kB
With DBXL v2.3 you can quickly integrate your solution with SharePoint and IPFS in order to create a browser-based solution. In this document, we will create an administrator-approved form and activate...
10-08-2014 235 Download
File Size 229.8kB
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