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This document describes a side-by-side scenario, in which the InfoPath form submits separately to DBXL and to the SharePoint Form Library. This tutorial does not use a SharePoint mapping and it does not...
02-13-2014 43 Download
File Size 952.5kB
Qdabra has recommended the Integrated scenario to customers using DBXL v2.7 or earlier versions. We call it “Integrated” because DBXL is installed on the SharePoint – 80 site (or the same site where the...
02-12-2014 40 Download
File Size 931.4kB
Please read this document if you are using the Active Directory web service in an anonymous scenario.
01-06-2014 84 Download
File Size 372kB
The goal of this document is to illustrate how DBXL can be used to submit files or images to a SharePoint Document Library using DBXL v2.8. This document is only applicable to the Integrated scenario....
01-02-2014 34 Download
File Size 841.9kB
When we submit a document to DBXL using the DBXL v2.8 Event Receiver, the XML form stored in SharePoint doesn't have a reference to DBXL - that is, there's no DBXL Processing Instruction (PI) and...
12-18-2013 133 Download
File Size 492.2kB
If you have a SharePoint 2013 farm running Windows Server 2012 OS with the minimal server GUI installed, you won’t have access to Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer. In situations like this, you can...
11-12-2013 25 Download
File Size 611 B
Although you can use the Migration Tool (a/k/a Document Deployer) to import forms into your DBXL Document Type , this process does not retain the filename. To work around this issue, Qdabra Software provides...
11-11-2013 28 Download
File Size 247.5kB
This document contains a list of known issues, troubleshooting hints and workarounds for a variety of issues related to Qdabra’s DBXL. If you would like to download a trial version of DBXL, please visit...
10-02-2013 260 Download
File Size 1.1MB
This document is an introductory tutorial that will illustrate the main features of DBXL v2.8. After completing this document you will be able to setup your own forms in DBXL and connect them to SQL and...
10-02-2013 148 Download
File Size 862.6kB
This document will guide you through the installation of DBXL v2.8. If you would like to download a trial version of DBXL, please visit Qdabra.com .
10-02-2013 120 Download
File Size 769.9kB
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