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Retrieve Images and Files from DBXL using Web Service URL


You have images or files stored in a form and would like to view or open these via URL link. A simple technique to do this is described in the following steps.

1. I have a form with a picture attachment field below. This form is saved as a Document Type and submits to DBXL. This can also be a File Attachment, but, in this example, I’m using a picture control.

2. Open the DBXL database. It should be QdabraDBXL or the database name you specified in your DBXL installation. Find the table called QdQueryProcessing:

3. Open the table and add a new entry to specify the node in your form template containing the picture or file attachment:

a. In the DocumentType column, enter the Document Type ID of your form template. If you do not know what the ID is, this can be seen in the General tab of DAT:

b. Enter a value in the QueryStringArg, in the example above, I’m using “picture”.

c. In the XPath column, enter the XPath to the node containing the picture or file using the syntax //*[local-name()=’<XPath>’]. Save the changes in your table.

7. Now you can open the image or file in your browser via the Web Service URL link:



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