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Qdabra releases qRules v7.2!
Free qRules v7.2 trial is available.
  • GetViewInfo: current view.
  • JsonToXml: Converts a JSON string to XML and places the converted XML into data sources.
  • ListInputParameters: Provides a list of the available input parameters in the currently opened form.
  • MakeRequest: Carries out a network request and provides the result.
  • XmlToJson: Converts XML in data sources to a JSON string. Useful in combination with the MakeRequest command for interacting with JSON web APIs.

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"Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Step by Step" [Paperback, 2011]
Authors: Darvish Shadravan, Laura Rogers
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  • Capacity in a List And Calculate Total Number In infopath with condition

    Hi ,I have Problem in calculation in a list Items In SharePoint 2013 and Infopath2013 what i want to know is this (let me explain about problem) i have a pool Reservation form in this subject i have two list one for schedule time for reserving and another for reserve (relational table I mean This two list Has relation With Each other) in my schedule...
    Posted to General (Forum) by javad.nikoo on 11-28-2015
  • IP Form Filler and SharePoint 2010 Foundation - Getting URL to Open New Form

    Hi everyone, In the past I have worked with SP Server, and now getting my first taste of Foundation. In the past I was able to create a hyperlink which would shoot users off to a new form (whether opened in the client or opened in the browser). With Foundation browser is out. The method I have used before (Eg.
    Posted to General (Forum) by PMOdave on 11-27-2015
  • After Query Number Appears with Thousands Separater

    I have a form that auto-populates off the query of a unique field number. The query works fine; the problem is the number, entered by the user as a known 7 or 8 digit number (with NO separators), it is entered and the query is initiated the number flashes back into the field with 'thousands' separator comas. In the list the number field type...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Curtis on 11-27-2015
  • Re: Reducing selection in a dropdown List box

    Hello Hilary, and thank you! Your sample shows exactly what I'm looking for. Perfectly. I'll have a little play around on my form, but I'm really not sure now how do I get this string into my listbox? Your expression: /nutrition/food/name[not(. = xdXDocument:get-DOM()/my:myFields/my:group1/my:group2/my:field1)] My Expression: /dfs:myFields...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by WiReLaD on 11-26-2015
  • Query a data connection to only get items between two dates

    Hi all, I have a form that I am trying to create a rule on the queryFields of a data connection to get list items between a start date, and an end date. I thought I had it set right yesterday until I came into work today, and it would not get items to display who's start date was yesterday (25/11/2015), and the end date is Saturday (28/11/2015)...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by Spuddeh on 11-25-2015

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