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InfoPath New Tool

Qdabra releases qRules v6.1!
Free qRules v6.1 trial is available.
  • CreateSharePointFolder: allows creating a folder in a SharePoint list or library.
  • ExportView: uses InfoPath's built-in functionality to render the current view as a file and save it to a local drive

InfoPath New Books

"Using Microsoft InfoPath 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Step by Step" [Paperback, 2011]
Authors: Darvish Shadravan, Laura Rogers

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  • Populate Team Assignment table from Resource Table selections

    I am working on a large project team. I have at my ready disposal an Access, SharePoint and Infopath. I've defined a relational database and subsequent SharePoint lists with for Resources, Team Roles, and Team Assignments. I can easily create single entry forms to populate the resource table and subsequently the Team Assignment table. What I'd...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by philashley94 on 11-26-2014
  • Showing data after klick on checkboxes

    Hi iam tyring too make InfoPath to show data i want to see in a table by using a checkbox see my problem in this you tube clip
    Posted to General (Forum) by dalacarelia on 11-26-2014
  • Populating field from external list

    Hi, My question is simple, but can not find any good answers on the Internet. Problem: I have a list(employee) that contains the names of employee , vacation days and transferred holidays. I wish to bring these fields in an InfoPath form that I called vacation. I put up a dropdown field that retrieves names from the list employees and want to populate...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by zafiq76 on 11-25-2014
  • Link comments box to drop down box value from sharepoint list

    Hi guys, I'm brand new to infopath so please bear with me. I am an instructor trying to design a form to monitor student progress over our 2 week course I have an infopath form with a simple sharepoint contact list as one of its secondary sources. I have a drop down to select somebody's name from that contact list. I then have a couple of text...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Crazymaca69 on 11-25-2014
  • TIN number validation

    I have the formula's for SSN validation and formatting but my users want to use TIN numbers. This is what I have for SSN (xx-xxx-xxxx) concat(substring(translate(., "- ", ""), 1, 3), "-", substring(translate(., "- ", ""), 4, 2), "-", substring(translate(., "- ", "")...
    Posted to General (Forum) by DebiScott on 11-25-2014

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